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How to Donate

raj-soni-2Online: for a direct donation go to the Quartet website and pay electronically, making sure you choose the Raj K Soni Legacy Fund in the drop down menu, and include the event name and your name in the text free box. Please tick the Gift Aid box if appropriate for you - it means a further 25% for the fund!

There are four ways to make a donation…

Visit the Quartet website here and pay electronically, making sure you reference your payment against the Raj KL Soni Legacy Fund / state the event you want your donation allocated to (e.g. ‘Longest Swim’ or ‘Cricket’) in the text free box.

Go to Virgin Giving here and create a fundraising page and include the Raj K Soni Legacy Fund (longest swim event) in the page address and/or page title. The exact procedure for setting up your page reads as follows:

  1. Click ‘start fundraising’;
  2. Click ‘personal challenge';
  3. Enter the basic details of the event you are taking part in;
  4. Indicate you are raising money for one charity – Quartet Community Foundation will appear in the charity name box;
  5. Register on the site if you have not already done so or click to sign in;
  6. Decide on the unique web address for the page eg. Ensure you include the Fund and the name of the event
  7. Then it’s just a case of making the page look good and appeal to potential supporters;
  8. Invite your sponsors to go to your page to make their donations.


Send cheques payable to Quartet Community Foundation to the Sonis at ‘Avonleigh’, Parklands Road, Bristol BS3 2JW;

Contact us direct by going to the ‘Contact Us’ page here and we will advise how best to make the payment based upon your circumstances.

Grant Requests

If you would like to suggest an appropriate cause for the Legacy Fund to support, or if you would like to be involved in those discussions, we would be very pleased to hear from you and glad of your help – just email us via the Contact Us page.

If you are a charity that would like to apply for a grant from the Raj K Soni Legacy Fund, please send us an email outlining the project you are asking support for, including information on who the project is aimed at, who will be responsible for the funds and how they will be used. We will then send you a grant application form.

Quartet Community Foundation

The Legacy Fund sits under the umbrella of Quartet, which administers the Fund on behalf of Raj’s family, ensuring that donations reach the target audience and conducting ongoing reviews to check progress in this regard. Quartet helps to identify and conduct due diligence on potentially suitable projects and awards are made under charity registration number 1080418.

In addition Quartet organise all Gift Aid collection for the Fund, which may be obtained for all sponsors who pay income or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount the charity will claim in the tax year. The impact of this is to turn evey £10 you donate into £12.50, provided you confirm you want the Charity to obtain Gift Aid and you are paying sufficient income tax or capital gains tax to permit this.

All donations will be be applied in accordance with the following Raj K Soni Legacy Fund criteria, namely:

1) For the benefit of the community in the South West of England (covering the four unitary authorities of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire);

2. Within that, to support local voluntary and community groups and organisations working with young people up to the age of 21 to provide them with sporting or musical opportunities they would not otherwise have. Quartet helps us to select suitable projects for support from the Fund and will report back on how the money has been spent.

To support the Raj K Soni Legacy Fund

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